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Over Three Decades of Experience as a Rochester, NY, Real Estate Attorney 
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Residential & Commercial Real Estate Legal Services

Buying or selling a residential or commercial real estate can be tricky, unless you have the legal assistance of an attorney like Ronald J. Axelrod, whose experience in handling Real Estate Law in Rochester, NY, spans over three decades. His office offers comprehensive legal services for homebuyers and sellers, homeowners, businesses, and real estate developers. His team will guide you through all the complicated legal issues involved with real estate transactions and help you make the right decisions. Their goal is to ensure that all transactions associated with buying or selling real estate are handled in your best interest in a timely fashion—whether you are buying your first home or closing a deal on purchasing an office park.

Residential Real Estate

Law in Rochester, NY

Ronald J. Axelrod has over 35 years of experience in all legal matters regarding buying or selling a home or rental property. His team will help you transfer the property's title to or from you as smoothly as possible, coordinate the closing on your behalf, review and approve the contract for purchase or sale, prepare closing figures, and attend the closing with you. They will also coordinate the sale of your existing property with the purchase of your new property to ensure that you do not own two properties at the same time, or conversely, that there is no gap when you don't own a home to live in.

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Residential real estate services his law firm provides and matters that they can assist you with include:

  • Drafting and reviewing real estate contracts

  • Assisting in buying or selling a residential property

  • Reviewing purchase orders and agreements

  • Reviewing the title and prepare closing documents

  • Obtaining title insurance

  • Ordering mortgage discharges 

  • Providing legal representation at the closing

  • And much more

Many attorneys are selling Real Estate services based on price alone, rather than quality representation. Be sure that the attorney and his or her team has the expertise you need to avoid costly mistakes. If you are planning on purchasing or selling a home, call our office at (585) 203-1020

Commercial Real Estate
Attorney in Rochester, NY

Buying or selling a commercial building or property can be complex. Unlike residential real estate transactions, with commercial properties, the buyer’s attorney is responsible for drafting the sales and purchase offer, which is subject to approval by the seller’s attorney. The legal team at Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates will make the process of buying and selling your commercial property as simple and time-efficient as possible. They have decades of experience handling legal matters regarding commercial real estate, including title and financing matters. And, they are deal-makers. They roll up their sleeves and make projects happen.

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commercial real estate law example of a new office building

Commercial real estate services Ronald J. Axelrod and his team provides and legal matters they can assist with include:

  • Buying or selling a commercial property

  • Reviewing contracts and agreements

  • Coordinating financing 

  • Assisting with foreclosures, liens, and title disputes

  • Obtaining and reviewing title insurance 

  • Assist with landlord/tenant disputes

  • Review easements, right-of-ways, and access issues


Call their Rochester, NY, law firm at (585) 203-1020 to set up an appointment or use the contact form below to email them and send a message.


COVID-19 UPDATE: We look forward to hearing from you. Due to Covid-19, we are in our office but will be doing the majority of our work with clients via enhanced video conferencing. We want you to feel comfortable and will take every possible precaution to maintain a safe environment, should there be a need for an in-person meeting.

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Whether you are forming a new business, or you need a seasoned business advisor, Ronald J. Axelrod has the skills and experience to help your business succeed.


Turn to the Rochester, NY, Estate Planning attorneys that will ensure that your assets are protected, are not lost, and are distributed to your heirs according to your exact wishes.

The Elder Law and Medicaid planning attorneys at Ronald Axelrod's law firm  will assist you in protecting your assets when moving into a nursing home or when home healthcare is eminent.

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