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Experienced Rochester New York Business Law Attorney Helps with All Aspects of Corporation, LLC and Partnership Formations

When you are starting a business in New York, it is essential that you work with an experienced Rochester, NY business attorney to help you seamlessly make the transition into a new separate legal entity. From drafting formation documents to taking the legal steps necessary to make your business operational, The Law Offices of Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates, P.C. is ready to help you with every step of the process. Our business attorneys will work closely with you to learn about the needs and objectives of your business and make recommendations tailored to address them.

Help You Determine the Right Form of Entity for Your Business

When you are first establishing your business, you want to ensure that you select the right type of structure for your business. You also want to remain in compliance with applicable rules and regulations, Federal, State and local. Our experienced legal team will discuss the needs of your business, tax structure, asset protection and risk mitigation to determine the most appropriate legal entity for your business. Our knowledgeable lawyers are creative and effective and understand the concerns of small and mid- sized business owners. They will work diligently to protect your interests through thoughtful legal counsel and representation, based not only on many years of legal experience, but as owners of their own businesses outside of their law practice.

Expertly Guiding You Through the LLC Formation Process

Many people choose to establish a limited liability company as a form of legal entity for their business because it can help protect their personal assets. However, there are many steps involved in this process and it is important that each one is performed correctly. Our dedicated legal team can assist you with all aspects of the in the process, including:

  • Searching for a business name -If you are considering doing business under a specific name, it is important to check to see if anyone else has already registered that name. Additionally, New York has specific rules regarding certain phrases and words that cannot be used in a business name. In some instances, New York may not be the proper state in which to form your business. We can advise you on the best jurisdiction to use to meet your business’ specific needs.
  • Preparing Articles of Organization– You must file Articles of Organization with the State and pay a fee to officially open your LLC. These documents are important and include a variety of legal and financial consequences for your business, so it is best to have an experienced Rochester, NY business attorney prepare them for you.
  • Preparing an Operating Agreement– Many businesses in New York need additional protections for their owners and choose to enter into an operating agreement that outlines the role and rights of the members. This document not only tells how to run the business, but contains what amounts to by-laws for the entity and is a buy-sell agreement between the members providing for ease in valuing and transferring membership units.
  • Acquiring a tax identification number-This number is like a social security number for your business. It is necessary when filing tax returns and opening bank accounts.
  • Filing publication notices– New York law requires that you notify the public of your limited liability company by publishing legal notices in two newspapers, and then filing proof of the publishing with the Department of State. This is a critical step that most on line formation services ignore.
  • Corporations– In many instances just a simple corporation is all that a client needs. The decision of what type of entity to choose is usually tax driven particularly focusing on payroll taxes. The process for forming a corporation is very similar to that for forming a limited liability company.
  • Partnerships and Limited Partnerships– These are additional ways of conducting business which in some circumstances (usually real estate related) may be appropriate.
  • Liquor License Applications– We can assist you in filing for a liquor license, whether it is for a full service license for a bar, liquor store or restaurant or just a simple beer and wine license. The forms for filing a liquor license seem straightforward, however the technicalities and constantly changing requirements can be inundating. Each time a deficiency is noted, the corrected application goes to the bottom of the file and you need to start the process all over again.

Contact a Seasoned Rochester New York Business Lawyer

To schedule a confidential meeting with a seasoned business lawyer who can guide you through the formation process or liquor license application, contact. The Law Offices of Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates, P.C. in Rochester, New York. Our experienced legal team will thoroughly consider the options for your business and make recommendations to resolve your objectives based on our legal and business experience. We are not only business lawyers, we are entrepreneurs who know what it takes to make a business successful.