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Hire a Trusted Rochester, NY, Business Attorney,

Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney

Our Rochester, NY, law firm goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients’ legal interests are best served in a conscientious and timely manner. Our firm has over three decades of experience assisting individual and business clients with a variety of legal matters, including business law, estate planning and probate, elder law, Medicaid planning, business advisory services, buying and selling businesses, traffic and Town Court matters, residential and commercial real estate, and general legal services and counseling. Please CONTACT US if you need additional information.

Business Law Attorney

A Rochester, NY, Business Law Attorney 

The cornerstone of any successful business is firm foundational documents that make sure the business is properly formed and licensed, as well as setting out, in writing, the expectations and agreements of the parties. The experienced legal team at the Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates, business law attorneys in Rochester, New York, will ensure that your agreements and contracts are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Give us a call at 585.203.1020 or CONTACT US.

Business Formation in Business Law Meeti
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Estate Planning Lawyer

Searching for a Rochester, NY Estate Planning Attorney?

You found us. Our law firm will craft an effective estate plan that helps you establish and implement your personal legacy regardless of your means. It will provide you with care and comfort, knowing that you and your assets are properly protected while you are alive and healthy, or when you are unable to care for yourself. After you pass, we ensure that your assets are distributed to whom you want, the way you want, and when you want. We assist with wills, trusts (both revocable and irrevocable), estate administration and probate, powers of attorney, living wills, healthcare proxies, and work with your financial advisors to ensure your beneficiary designations are properly coordinated.

Elder Law & Medicaid Planning Lawyer
A Rochester, NY, Elder Law Attorney You Can Trust

With life expectancy at an all-time high, our aging loved ones are likely to eventually require some form of in-home care or long-term nursing home care. Ronald Axelrod, an experienced elder law attorney in Rochester, NY, uses trusts and asset protection strategies so that the elderly can take advantage of Medicaid benefits and still receive the quality of care they deserve without depleting their life’s savings. Our elder law team will assist you with Medicaid planning, asset protection, and long-term care planning. If you need an elder law attorney in Rochester, NY, CONTACT US or visit our elder law and Medicaid planning informational page.

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Business Advisor Meeting in Rochester NY

Business Advisor in Rochester, NY

A Rochester, NY, Business Advisor You Can Count On

We take a results-driven approach to business consulting. Our attorneys work closely with you to set goals, identify obstacles, and provide you with alternate solutions. We assist in areas such as business and profitability growth, tax consulting, and business succession planning. Because of our many contacts in the business and financial community, we also help you connect with the right people and business services you may need. If you require business financing, we can assist with that as well. We’re dedicated to working side-by-side with you to as your trusted advisor to help your business reach its full potential.

Buying or Selling a Business?

Best Choice for an Experienced Rochester, NY Business Lawyer

When representing a seller, it's important that he/she gets the proper price. Our job is to negotiate the contract and do every thing we can to make sure they get paid the purchase price for their business. When representing a buyer, we'll make sure that he/she is getting what the seller represented he was selling and that he's acquiring the assets free and clear of any liens that need to be paid off at closing. Based on our years of experience, we have contacts with most of the local lenders, both private and institutional. Our firm knows the requirements of the Small Business Administration (SBA) and can help you find the right program to finance your business.

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Business Broker Services

Business Brokerage Services in Western New York

Ronald J. Axelrod partnered in founding Transworld Business Advisors of Buffalo, a full-service business brokerage firm. He and his partner have collectively over 50 years of experience selling businesses in Western New York. This company is a franchisee of Transworld Business Advisors with over 600 offices nationally and internationally. Ron has worked in and sold a wide range of businesses including insurance, retail, real estate, construction, distribution, floor covering, franchising, and more.

Residential Real Estate Attorney

Your Rochester, NY Lawyer for Buying or Selling a Home

Our team is experienced in all legal matters regarding buying or selling a home or rental property. We'll help you transfer the property's title to or from you as smoothly as possible, coordinate the closing on your behalf, review and approve the contract for purchase or sale, prepare closing figures, and attend the closing with you. We will also coordinate the sale of your existing property with the purchase of your new property to ensure that you do not own two properties at the same time, or conversely, that there is no gap when you don't own a home to live in.

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Commercial Real Estate in Rochester New

Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Attorney in Rochester, NY, Experienced in All Commercial Property Matters

If you are buying or selling a commercial building, we’re prepared to work diligently on your behalf. Unlike residential transactions where the realtor does most of the initial work, with commercial or industrial properties, it’s the buyer’s attorney’s responsibility to draft the purchase and sale offer, subject to the seller's attorney's approval  Having closed hundreds of commercial transactions, at our law firm, we have the  experience it takes to handle all transaction in a comprehensive and timely manner, including all title and financing matters.

Traffic and Town Court Matters

Rochester, NY, Lawyer for DWI, Traffic Court, and More

Too often, people think they can handle traffic court matters by themselves, only to find out later that what they've done may have a serious negative effect when they attempt to obtain auto insurance, or get it at an affordable rate. Our job at Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates is to negotiate with the District Attorney's Office to get you the best outcome possible. We also help our clients with small criminal offenses and domestic violence matters that may have gotten out of hand. Our team also deals with legal matters that involve cases where our clients were charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI). CONTACT US for more information.

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The Rochester, NY, business law practice of Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates serves businesses that may not be large enough to have their own in-house legal team. 

We're the Rochester, NY, estate planning attorneys to turn to so that your assets are protected, are not lost, and are distributed to your heirs according to your exact wishes.

Our elder law and Medicaid planning attorneys in Rochester, NY, will assist you in protecting your assets when moving into a nursing home or needing home healthcare is eminent.

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