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Our Approach

Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates's legal team is committed to providing effective, practical legal services in a timely fashion. They take pride in developing meaningful relationships with their clients and encouraging them to turn to their law firm as their trusted Rochester, NY, estate planning, business law, and Medicaid planning advisors. Their legal team takes time to learn the results you're looking for and ensures that you understand what actions can and cannot be taken on your behalf. They also work with you and your other advisors every step of the way to make sure that you fully comprehend the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them. Their goal: to deliver cost-effective and efficient legal solutions to help you, your family, or your business. 


Ronald J. Axelrod Rochester Attorney
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Michele Dillman

As our paralegal and office manager, Michele has over 15 years of legal experience and will work directly with you to get you in contact with the services that you need. She is very responsive and customer service oriented. She will assure that all of your work is prepared accurately and in a timely fashion. She is particularly skilled at juggling the timing requirements of real estate closings.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Ron Axelrod, a Rochester, NY, lawyer, works within a suite of other skilled attorneys – many of whom were former law partners, as well as colleagues that he has collaborated with throughout his career. These attorneys excel in working in areas such as criminal defense, divorce and matrimonial cases, evictions, personal injury, medical malpractice, and more. For over a decade, Ron and his suitemates have worked as a team. They call upon each other often to exchange ideas and share client case files. The outcome of working in this collaborative manner is that Ron Axelod's law practice can provide high-quality outcomes for its clients that need assistance in all areas of legal matters. Likewise, the attorneys that share the suite of offices with Ron benefit from his legal knowledge in areas of law that they know would be handled by him including Rochester, NY, small business law, estate planning and probate, and Medicaid planning and asset protection as part of their elder law services.


Experienced Rochester, NY, Attorney

Ron is the founder of Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates and has proudly served thousands of individual, business, and institutional clients for more than 35 years. The areas of law that his firm focuses on is estate planning and probate, elder law which includes Medicaid planning and asset protection, business law, real estate transactions, and much more. He is also co-founder of Transworld Business Advisors of Western New York – a full-service business brokerage firm serving buyers and sellers of small and medium sized businesses. Outside of the law, he has worked in a wide range of business areas, including insurance, retail, real estate, construction, distribution, floor covering, franchising, and more, all of which help him provide the depth of knowledge that helps him better understand his clients' needs, and provide creative solutions to their particular issues.

Education and Professional Memberships

Ron Axelrod is proud to be a Rochester, NY, native. He graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law, where he was a member of the prestigious Law Review.

Professional memberships are an indication of how attorneys stay up to date on issues and trends, maintain their legal education credentials, and share information with colleagues and the public. Ron demonstrates all of these responsibilities by regularly attending local, state, and national continuing education courses in the field of law. He was a charter member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and is currently a member of the Estate Planning Council of Rochester, the Corporate Real Estate and Trust, and Estate Sections of the New York State and Monroe County Bar Associations.

Community Involvement

Public service is an important element of any attorney that cares about his or her clients and community. Ron has served on the board of directors of many local charitable and philanthropic organizations, including the Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester, Brighton Chamber of Commerce, Pittsford Rotary Club, and Draper School of Dance. He has been an active member of the Rochester Rotary Club for over 20 years. .

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Published Author, Writer, Presenter

The legal profession expects its leading members to contribute to its body of knowledge on behalf of fellow attorneys and the public.  Ron demonstrates that commitment to education and public service as a contributing editor of GENERATIONS, Planning Your Legacy, published by the Esperti Petersen Institute. He regularly hosted a radio “call-in” talk show dealing with medicaid planning and elder law matters, and was a columnist for and on the advisory editorial board of Business Strategies magazine.

Ron has presented seminars on Estate Planning and Elder Law in many public forums, including programs sponsored by AARP and numerous top investment and financial firms in the Rochester, NY, area. In these workshops, he makes extremely technical subjects interesting and easy to understand.


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A Small Business Lawyer in Rochester, NY, Dedicated to Your Success

Focused on Your Success As your business law attorney in Rochester, NY, Ron Axelrod will provide business planning, marketing strategies, and the clarity of thought you need for the decision-making that is essential to the growth and profitability of your business.

Solutions Driven – Ron is adept at bringing together diverse agendas, devising creative solutions, and inspiring  out-of-the-box thinking for business owners. He is well-known for bringing win/win results in previously no-win legal situations.

Negotiations – Whether Ron is tasked with handling a contract dispute or drafting complex contracts, leases, or licensing agreements, he is dedicated to achieving successful results for you and your business. Ron enjoys his work – particularly assisting family-owned businesses, which often have the greatest need for sensitive negotiations. Ron Axelrod and his business law team take a great deal of pride in providing creative solutions for difficult family-business issues.

Pragmatic Approach – Ron uses his real-world business experience and depth of legal knowledge to help both start-ups and established businesses make the right legal decisions. He provides the information needed for you to understand the consequences of any plan's objectives, before they are implemented.

Rochester, NY, Estate Planning Attorney,
Working to Protect Your Assets

If you own any property in New York State, it is to your advantage to have a complete estate plan in place and not rely on the State of New York to decide who gets your property. This failure to plan is called intestacy. Ron Axelrod, a Rochester, NY, estate planning lawyer, has extensive experience in create estate plans that work the way you intended.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that they don’t need estate planning, especially if they don't have a large amount of assets. The danger in this way of thinking is that they find out too late that they could have benefited from estate planning and asset protection that comes with a comprehensive plan. There are many actions and decisions that will help you make in developing your estate plan, whether it's a complex, out-of-state asset protection trust or just a basic will.

Ronald Axelrod & Associates will help with those details and develop a customized estate plan that will benefit you and your beneficiaries.

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Trusted Medicaid Planning & Asset Proctection Lawyer in Rochester, NY

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As people age – especially if they are having health issues – they realize that they may need skilled nursing home care at some point. Nursing homes are expensive and paying for them requires careful planning, since most people do not have the necessary money to pay for it out of their own personal funds. The last thing people want is to exhaust all of their savings or family’s legacy in order to pay for long-term nursing home care or home healthcare. Many people self-pay for nursing home care until Medicaid takes over the financial burden. Unfortunately, this strategy may unnecessarily deplete assets that, with proper planning, could have been made available to your family. That's where Medicaid planning from an experienced Rochester, NY, elder law attorney, Ronald J. Axelrod, is a wise choice.

Medicaid and asset protection planning can keep your hard-earned life's savings from being depleted by nursing home care, while still leaving a good portion of your assets available for  your family. Ronald Axelrod & Associates, elder law attorneys in Rochester, NY, are dedicated to protecting your assets.

Rochester, NY, Real Estate Attorney for Residential & Commercial Clients

Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates, Real Estate Attorneys in Rochester, NY, is a law firm with over three decades of experience in handling residential and commercial real estate matters


Residential Real Estate Clients: Whether you’re buying or selling your home, relocating, or downsizing, you deserve to have a residential real estate lawyer who is proactive, responsive, and will always be in constant communication with you throughout the process.

Commercial Real Estate Clients: Whether you’re a business owner looking for a larger building, or a real estate developer looking to build a new retail apartment complex, our commercial real estate attorneys have over three decades of experience in the buying, selling, and financing of a variety of properties. We also work alongside our clients when obtaining approvals with municipalities.

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