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Highly Recommended Business Law Attorney in Rochester, NY
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General Business Law Services

To protect your business, you need a seasoned, multi-dimensional attorney with a career spanning a wide range of successful business from start-ups to sales and mergers. Ron is a past President of the Corporate and Business Law Section of the Monroe County Bar Association. He was a co-founder of a national franchised retail operation, which had over 600 outlets. He has owned successful enterprises in insurance, retail, real estate, construction, and distribution businesses. He is also a business broker with offices in Rochester and Buffalo, NY. Business and corporate law are where he and his team excel.

Services Provided

  • General Business Advice

  • Business Formation Services

  • Small Business Advisor

  • Business Brokerage Services

Business Formation Services

Our firm provides business formation legal services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and those with larger business goals. There are several things to consider when deciding what type of business to create.

  • What is the nature of your business, and in what industry?

  • Is this a new business or are you taking over an existing business?

  • Who are the owners, investors, or members that will be involved?

  • How do you want to grow your business?

  • How do you plan on financing your new business?

  • Will you be collecting sales tax?

  • Will you have any employees, and if so, how many?

  • Are you buying a franchise?

  • Are there any licensing requirements?

  • And much more

Types of Businesses

  • Sole Proprietorship (D/B/A)

  • General Partnership (GP)

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

  • Limited Partnerships (LP)

  • Professional Corporations (PC)

  • Incorporations (Inc)

  • Not-for-Profit Corporations (NFPC)

Small Business Advisor

Whether you are contemplating starting a new business or would like to grow an existing one, our goal is to advise and mentor you on a wide range of business matters and help you solve problems that might be hindering your growth. At Ronald J. Axelrod & Associates, we'll use a personalized approach to help you succeed by acting as someone you can trust – whether we're guiding you through writing a business plan, connecting you with people and resources that may solve a particular problem, arranging financing, offering tax advice, and so much more. We not only want your business to survive in the current economic climate, we want it to thrive.

How We Can Help

  • General Business Recommendations

  • Provide Long-term Growth Strategies

  • Offer Business Succession Planning

  • Give General Tax Advice

  • Business Advisory Board

  • Offer Guidance in Writing Business Plans

  • Arrange for Short and Long-term Financing

  • Help you decide on your choice of business entities

Business Brokerage Services

Ron Axelrod has partnered in founding Transworld Business Advisors of Buffalo, a full-service business brokerage firm. He and his partner have collectively over 50 years of experience buying and selling businesses primarily in Western New York, but serving all of New York State. This company is a franchisee of Transworld Business Advisors with over 600 offices nationally and internationally – business brokerage done right.  Ron has worked with a wide range of businesses, including insurance, retail, real estate, construction, distribution, services, floor covering, franchising and more, successfully assisting with purchases and sales of many businesses.

Who We Are – What We Do

  • National Business Brokerage Company with Over 600 Franchised Offices

  • Assist Clients in Selling Businesses

  • Help People Prepare Businesses for Sale

  • Business Valuations

  • Locate Businesses to Purchase

  • Assist in Securing Financing


COVID-19 UPDATE: We look forward to hearing from you. Due to Covid-19, we are in our office but will be doing the majority of our work with clients via enhanced video conferencing. We want you to feel comfortable and will take every possible precaution to maintain a safe environment, should there be a need for an in-person meeting.


Whether you're purchasing a home and need legal representation at the closing, or find yourself needing a lawyer due to a traffic ticket that you want to dispute, Ron Axelrod can help.

We're the Rochester, NY, estate planning attorneys to turn to so that your assets are protected, are not lost, and are distributed to your heirs according to your exact wishes.

Our elder law and Medicaid planning attorneys in Rochester, NY, will assist you in protecting your assets when moving into a nursing home or needing home healthcare is eminent.


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